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Outgoing Erasmus+ 1 semester mobility (1st cycle studies): Marketing and Sales Management 04.7(ISCED 342)

Available for applicants from:
Poznań University of Economics and Business
Poland, Polska, Poznań
Pontifical University of Salamanca
Spain, C/ Compañía 5, 37002, Salamanca

NB! Please verify that the mobility direction is correct before you apply.

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Number of places: 4

Courses in English:
Specific Marketing Subjects ECTS
Business communication 6
Strategic marketing 6
Bran strategic planning 6
Digital marketing, social media and performance 6
E-commerce 3
Marketing plan 6

General courses ECTS
Spanish intensive language course* 4
Business Spanish** 2
Spanish Culture** 2
Spanish and Latin-American Literature** 2
Affective and sexual develpment*** 6
Solution focused brief coaching*** 6

  • Takes place from the 3rd to the 14th of September. Fee: 100 €.
    • Are offered from the 2nd week of October until Christmas Holidays. To follow these
      courses students are required to have at least a B1 Spanish level.
      • Until the end of September the following of these courses cannot be guaranteed.

Business communication
Students will develop a foundation for the creation of
effective messages. A strategic communication model will
be used to identify objectives, analyse audiences, choose
information, and create the most effective arrangement and
channel for that message.

Strategic marketing
Students will learn to use strategic formulation
in marketing. Models for strategic diagnosis and
practical skills will be used to analyse the environment
to formulate market strategies, segmentation and
positioning based on this analysis and to establish the
mechanisms of control that allow to determine the
performance of the design and the execution of the
different functional strategies.

Brand strategic planning
The subject is focused on the knowledge, analysis
and application of the branding processes in the
context of the current organizations. This means the
diagnostic study, planning and management of the
Brand in relation with the companies’ goals.

Digital marketing, social media
and performance
Students will learn how and why to use digital marketing
for multiple goals within a marketing strategy. They will
understand how to integrate digital media in marketing and
communication strategies, and they will know their possibilities
and the different tools of online advertising and marketing.

Students will learn about the basics fundamentals of the
business and economic motivations for E-Commerce.
They will understand the needs and desires of individuals
as well as the underlying computation, information and
communication environments that encompass and enable
electronic commerce transactions.

Marketing plan
This subject is based on a project. Students will be required to
develop an actual marketing plan for a new product, business,
or service. This project will integrate skills from many different
disciplines including marketing, management, finance, and
accounting, and will require the application of these skills to a
real situation.

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Application start
Oct 2, 2020
Application deadline
Oct 10, 2020 23:59
Europe/Warsaw time

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