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Outgoing Erasmus+ (1st or 2nd cycle studies): Business and administration(ISCED 34)

Available for applicants from:
Poznań University of Economics and Business
Poland, Polska, Poznań

NB! Please verify that the mobility direction is correct before you apply.

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Number of places : 2

Application Period:

Fall Semester: 01 March – 1 May
Spring Semester: 17 October – 30 November

The student should send us 6 identical passport size photos of yours, along with a signed printout of their “Incoming Student Application Form” (after they complete their application, it will appear below “My Applications” list).

They should send it to the address below:

BAU Exchange Office
Çırağan Caddesi No:4
34353 Beşiktaş
İstanbul / TURKEY

If the student is not a Turkish citizen or doesn’t have a “Mavi Kart (Blue Card)”, s/he must apply for a residence permit. We will apply for it together here and out buddies will be helping her/him. In order to prevent any possible problem, though, I strongly recommend them to mind these:
- Enter Turkey with your passport if possible.
- Don’t get a life health insurance before arriving in Istanbul.
- If your state and the Republic of Turkey have a biliteral social insurance agreement, bring a copy of your document. (IMPORTANT: This agreements may be invalid when applying for the residence permit. Then the students must get an insurance here in Turkey, in order to apply for the residence permit.)

Language of Instruction: English, except for the Faculty of Law. It offers only some of the courses in English for exchange students.
Local Language Requirement: Turkish knowledge is not required.
Exchange Duration: One semester or one academic year.
Semester Load: ECTS 30 credits
Course Restrictions: Exchange students should choose %50 of their courses from the related department.

Our university does not have a dormitory. Although provide information about some dormitories nearby.

Here below are their website links. Students may consult to dormitory staff for their questions about dormitories’ prices, policies, rules, facilities etc. They can send an email to to get up-to-date information about Evim Dormitories. ( ) They can also send an email to to get up-to-date information about Republika Dormitories. (

Apply now!
Application start
Feb 25, 2020
Application deadline
Mar 8, 2020 23:59
Europe/Warsaw time

Zmiany dokonane w aplikacji po terminie przyjmowania zgłoszeń (zmiany uczelni, kolejności uczelni, usunięcie wyboru) nie będą brane pod uwagę.Prosimy o przemyślane wybory. Edytowana i otwarta ponownie aplikacja musi zostać zapisana i przesłana ponownie.

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States