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1. Capital mobility: for each of the three levels of studies, the student has the right to use the departure or departures for study and work experience placements lasting a total to 12 months in one study level. To the total number of months - within each level of study - includes the early departures from the LLP / Erasmus.

2. All those registered as students of studies leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctor’s degree diplomas may apply for a traineeship regardless of their citizenship. 

3. If a student pays tuition fee at PUEB, continues to pay tuition also during the mobility period abroad. In particularly justified cases, it is possible to apply for exemption from part of the student tuition fees at the PUEB.

4. The possibility of traineeship under the Erasmus+ programme also includes university graduates, but recruitment must be based on the last year of studies. Graduate’s traineeship can be held within one year of the completion of the degree courses (and last no later than 28th of February 2020). The length of stay in traineeship is included in the total duration of the mobility at this level of study in which the student is qualified for this departure. All the rules for the participation in the program for students also apply to graduates.

5. Traineeship can take place only in the countries formally authorized to participate in the Erasmus+ programme, these are the 28 EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Former Republic of Yugoslavia Macedonia.

6.Work carried out in the framework of Erasmus+ traineeship  must be full time and be consistent with the profile of the student studies.

7. Traineeship may be held in a foreign institution, eg. an enterprise / company, research institution, non-profit organizations and other institutions. Student/graduate can not take Erasmus + traineeship in the EU institutions or bodies responsible for the management of EU programs, or Polish diplomatic missions abroad.  Participants can go to a host institution that they find themselves.

 8. If the traineeship is done in other university, this institution must have a valid  Erasmus Charter for Higher Education - ECHE) given by the European Commission.

9. Participant  qualified  to Erasmus + traineeship must meet the following eligibility criteria:     throughout  his/her stay at the host institution must be registered as a student of the first degree, second degree or third degree studies, or may be directly after the completion of a graduate degree studies  at the time of departure the student must pass at least the first year of the first cycle;  during the traineeship, the student can not stay on the dean's leave or be on leave and must completed the previous semester before commencing the traineeship.

10. The mobility for traineeship under the Erasmus + is entered in the Diploma Supplement participant. The exception applies to graduates who have already obtained the above mentioned document.

11. Payment of national scholarships (eg. social, scientific), to which the participant has acquired the right before his/her mobility, will continue during the students mobility abroad.

 Students with non-EU citizenships are obliged to receive visa for certain countries. Please check the visa/residence permit requirements before choosing a country for your Erasmus + stay. Each participant is responsible for arranging documents required for obtaining visa/residence permit.


1. Recruitment of students for Erasmus+ traineeships programme will be held from 01.04.2019,  subject to availability of places and funds.

2. Qualifications documents:

a. APPLICATION FORM available at:, sent, printed, signed and approved the average grade by the Dean's office and Faculty Coordinator for Traineeship.

b. CERTIFICATION OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE, which will be implemented during the traineeship:

Foreign language ability is  confirmed by:

1. passed  Erasmus test at the PUEB,

2. one of the language certificates recognized by the Department of Foreign Languages (see below),

3. completed a study visit to foreign university

4. International Baccalaureate diploma exempting from language examinations when applying for studies abroad,

5.  completed English, German, French or Spanish studies,

6.  completed first-cycle studies abroad,

7. Students of the PUEB’s English-language specialization are exempt from submitting documents certifying their ability to use English and their mother tongue.

Certificates recognized by the PUEB’s Department of Foreign Languages


1. CCIP diplomas:  DFP Affaires B2; DFP Juridique B2;  DFP Affaires C1

2. DELF i DALF diplomas:  DELF B2; DALF C1; DALF C2

Spanish – Dele Intermedio B2, Dele C1, Dele C2, TELC B2General German:1. Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung (ZOP)

2. Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom (KDS)

3. Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom (GDS)

4. Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache Stufe 4 (TestDaF Stufe 4)

5. Deutsches Sprachdiplom II (DSD) (poziom C1)

Business German – Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch (PWD)

c. LEARNING AGREEMENT FOR TRAINEESHIPS - training program agreement (Section to be completed before the mobility), approved by the host institutions, Faculty Coordinator for Traineeship and signed by the participant. The completed application documents must be delivered to  International Relations Office (IRO), room 221 A (Monday to Friday 11.00 am - 01.00 pm)

3. The student is required to submit application documents to IRO. The period for considering the application documents is up to 14 calendar days from the submission of complete documents to RIRO. Throughout the whole period of recruitment is obligate to have student's status. During the period from 1 June to 30 September 2019 IRO reserves the right of processing up to 30 calendar days. Accordingly, it is recommended to submit the documents within the above mentioned dates.


1.  The Erasmus study-visit selection committee includes the Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations, the Vice-Rector for Education and Students, the Head of international Relations Office and the RIRO employee responsible for Erasmus+ traineeships. Students have the right to appeal against the decision concerning their admission. In such cases the function of the instance of appeal is performed by the Rector of the PUEB.

 2. Qualification is subject to availability of places and funds.


1. Erasmus+ traineeship with scholarship at the host institution can last from 60 days to 90 days and must be started and completed within the period from 01.04.2019  to 28.02.2020

2. Time for implementation of traineeship:

a. In the case of students, it is recommended that the implementation period of traineeship is a holiday period, after the completion of the semester. Stay on traineeship during the academic year requires the consent of the dean for traineeship visit – (Individual Organization Coursework) - before the mobility starts.

b. In the case of students who want to go on traineeship after graduation of studies  is any term. (subject to the completion of traineeships until 28.02.2020r.)

c. Time spent on traineeship under the Erasmus + programme can not coincide with the same time of studies in the Erasmus +programme.

3. Each participant qualified to traineeship under the  Erasmus + programme is obliged to before departure:

a. complete the previouse semester  (in the case of  graduate traineeship -  defend a thesis).

b. agreed  an individual program of traineeship in the form of  Learning Agreement for Traineeships  (Section to be completed before the mobility).

c. submit to the Dean's Office and IRO other required documents before leaving (application to the Dean (if applicable), the confirmation of the completion of all obligations to the dean's office, copies of the relevant insurances).

d. sign a financial agreement between the student/graduate and the Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations.

4. Student / graduate traineeships  without a scholarship are accepted  (for example  mobility with zero funding from the EU funds  -  Erasmus + programme or co-financing from EU funds - Erasmus + programme combined with zero funding. In this case, the rules for eligibility and participation in the program are the same as for mobilities with scholarships.

5. Participants with non-EU citizenships are obliged to receive visa for certain countries. Please check the visa/residence permit requirements before choosing a country for your Erasmus stay.

6. Each participant of Erasmus + traineeship  is obliged to insure themselves before departure  and obtain a health insurance  (European Health Insurance Card (EHIC - EKUZ) entitling him/her to basic health care in the EU territory), to take out insurance covering medical treatment costs (advisable to take out also when visit EU countries), to take out insurance covering accidents cost during the journey and the visit to the host organisation and a third-party liability insurance (covering damages caused by the participant at the workplace), the scope of which has been agreed upon between the participant, the University and the host organisation and included in Learning Agreement for Traineeships.

7. Required documents after return from traineeship:

a. Learning Agreement for Traineeships - (Section to be completed after the mobility).

b. Certificate of Attendance - filled on the letterhead of the receiving institution signed by an authorized person and / or with the stamp of the institution.

c. Participant’s Report from the traineeship sent in electronic version to the address of the person responsible for the  Erasmus+ traineeship in IRO.

d. Completion of the survey on-line.

 e. Filled out second language proficiency test - OLS

8.IRO reserves the right to introduce changes in the content of the rules regarding qualifications and implementation of Erasmus+ programme by participants. These changes may result from new arrangements submitted by the European Commission and the National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme during the programme. The student is obliged to become acquainted with the assumptions of the Erasmus+ programme and check the IRO website where the program information is posted and updated