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When the recriutment for Erasmus+ programme opens ?

Main qualification (for autumn, spring or academic year exchange) is held each year at Fabruar/March. Before recriutment there organized the Erasmus+ language tests (in English, German, Spanish or French). Additional qualification will be organized at the begining of October, but it will concern only mobilities in spring semester. This is possible to go abroad to one partner university during particular academic year.

Language test passed with the minimum score 16 is valid threw all the time of studiyng at PUEB..

What is crutial during recriutment process?

The qualification of te students is made according to the ranking list of students' average grades (from current level of studies). The participant is obliged to deliver the information about average grades from current level of studies confirmed by Deans' Office to IRO.

Your choices of parnter universities?

You can choose up to 4 universities you would like to study in. After the deadline of qualification process there is no possibility to change your priorities and choices. Before you choose the university, check its course offer and the language of the instruction (only in the language you have the proof of knowledge) and if it is corresponding with the subjects you have to accomplish at PUEB. Pleas notice, tha some of the institutions require particular language certificate. If you do not have it, your application can be rejected.

Some bilateral agreements are signed for students of particular faculty, for example International Bussines, Tourism or Commodity Science only.

During qualification process there is no possiblity to be putted in somebodies place if he or she has already withdraw from the programme..

Nomination and what's next?

PUEB qualifies and nominates you to the university abroad, but finally the hosting institution decides to accept your application or not. The university will contac with you directly concerning application procedure, LA, accommodation, visa procedure and insurance. You will need Transcript of records during application pocedure. Please ask Center of Studies in English at PUEB to prepare it for you.

Learning Agreement you should discuss with your Faculty Coordinator of ECTS points. IRO do not coordinates the matters related to the path of your studies and changes in LA.

Before departure

Please remember to organize the transport to the partner university and the accommodation.

Each participant of Erasmus+ programme should sign financial agreement before departure (2-3 weeks before the mobility starts). To sign the agreement it is obligatory to deliver to IRO the the document concerning insurance (doc. 2) and the document from Deans' office that confirms that you passed all the exams and got permission to go abroad. You should also by insurance policy.
To sing the agreement you will also need the dates of the mobility period (from orientation day, to the end of classes or the first exam session) and number of bank account provided in EUR.

Before departure it is also obligatory to fill on-line linguistic test. To get the invitation to the test, 2-3 weeks before please send an e-mail to IRO with the request for the access to the test.

End of stay

Before the end of stay the participant should get a signature from the office dealing with the Erasmus program at foreign university on the Certificate of Attendance, which he/she must submit to the IRO (room 221A) after returning from the study visit.

It is also obligatory to fill second linguistic test (OLS) and the survey on Mobility Tool platform. the invitations will be send automatically to your e-mail box.

Please rememmber that when you finish your mobility you should receive (within 5 weeks) Transcript of records, which you deliver to your Deans' Office.